Phyllis and John in Hinlopen Strait.

I have spent the last 25 years exploring the North Atlantic and adjacent Arctic waters by sailboat, spending time in most of the countries and islands surrounding these waters. Love of these wild places created my desire to make photographs of them.

I find that because I travel on the surface of the planet, slowly and often with substantial effort, that I have a different, and more intense, feeling for, and connection to, these places and the people that live there.

Our expedition sailboat and home, Morgan's Cloud, gives us the ability to visit otherwise inaccessible places in remote regions like Labrador, Svalbard, and Greenland and stay longer with more flexibility than other methods do.

I live with Phyllis Nickel, my partner in business, sailing and life, and together we run Attainable Adventure Cruising Ltd.

I have been honing my craft for 25 years and my photographs have been published numerous times in magazines and calendars.

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